10 Steps to Craft Your DIY Large Outdoor Christmas Ornaments: Ultimate Guide

Embarking on Your DIY Large Outdoor Christmas Ornaments Journey

As the Yuletide season draws nearer, the prospect of transforming your outdoor area into a enchanting Christmas wonderland becomes increasingly exciting. One of the most eye-catching ways to evoke this holiday spirit is by crafting your own DIY large outdoor Christmas ornaments. These grandiose decorations not only add a distinct touch to your external decor, but they also provide a delightful and engaging DIY project for all family members.

Selection of Your DIY Large Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

Prior to delving into the details, let’s explore some prevalent choices for large outdoor Christmas ornaments. These encompass:

  1. Mammoth Christmas Lights
  2. Gigantic Christmas Balls
  3. Large Outdoor Christmas Trees
  4. Oversized Snowflakes
  5. Huge Candy Canes

Bear in mind, the charm of DIY projects lies in their adaptability. You can customize them to match your preferences, so don’t hesitate to let your imagination run wild.

Building Mammoth Christmas Lights

Nothing embodies Christmas more than glowing lights. Let’s begin by constructing mammoth Christmas lights that will illuminate your exteriors, making them vibrant and festive.

Required Supplies:

  • Giant plastic water bottles
  • Multicolored acrylic paint
  • Black spray paint
  • Fairy lights


  1. Rinse and air-dry the water bottles meticulously.
  2. Color the bottles using various shades of acrylic paint and let them air-dry.
  3. Spray-paint the bottle tops black to simulate a light bulb base.
  4. Upon drying, insert the fairy lights through the bottles.
  5. Suspend these mammoth lights around your outdoor space for an impressive visual impact.

Fabricating Gigantic Christmas Balls

Gigantic Christmas balls are timeless ornaments that lend an elegant touch to any outdoor area.

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Required Supplies:

  • Large plastic balls
  • Glittery spray paint (assorted colors)
  • Transparent sealant spray
  • Fishing wire or ribbon for suspension


  1. Rinse and air-dry the plastic balls.
  2. Coat each ball with glittery spray paint and let them air-dry.
  3. Apply a transparent sealant to ensure the glitter stays intact.
  4. Fasten fishing wire or ribbon to suspend these gigantic ornaments from trees or your porch.

DIY large outdoor Christmas ornaments

Erecting Large Outdoor Christmas Trees

A large outdoor Christmas tree serves as an outstanding centerpiece for your holiday adornments.

Required Supplies:

  • Wooden boards or pallets
  • Green spray paint
  • Fairy lights
  • Variety of decorations (ribbons, stars, tinsel)


  1. Set the wooden boards in a tree-like structure and secure them together.
  2. Paint the wooden tree green and let it air-dry.
  3. Drape the fairy lights around the tree.
  4. Embellish with ribbons, stars, tinsel, or any other favorite ornaments.

Crafting Oversized Snowflakes

Oversized snowflakes are yet another fantastic choice for large outdoor Christmas ornaments.

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Required Supplies:

  • Giant wooden sticks
  • White spray paint
  • Silver glitter spray
  • Transparent sealant spray


  1. Arrange wooden sticks in a snowflake pattern and secure them together.
  2. Spray the snowflakes with white paint and let them dry.
  3. Add a dash of sparkle with silver glitter spray.
  4. Spray with a clear sealant to safeguard your snowflake from harsh weather conditions.
  5. Suspend these oversized snowflakes on your walls or trees for a winter wonderland vibe.

Forming Huge Candy Canes

Finally, let’s construct some huge candy canes to infuse a playful element into your outdoor decorations.

Required Supplies:

  • Large PVC pipes
  • Red and white spray paint
  • Transparent sealant spray


  1. Rinse and air-dry the PVC pipes.
  2. Spray-paint the pipes in a spiral pattern with red and white shades to imitate candy canes.
  3. Apply a clear sealant to protect the paint from weather conditions.
  4. Position these huge candy canes around your garden or pathway for a festive touch.

Summing Up

Creating DIY large outdoor Christmas ornaments is not merely about enhancing your home’s holiday aesthetics, it’s also about the satisfaction derived from creating something with your own hands. This Christmas, personalize your outdoor space with these engaging and straightforward DIY projects.

Always remember, the essence is to enjoy and let your creative juices flow. Do

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