The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own DIY Built-In Bookshelves à la IKEA


Enjoy the allure of the sleek Scandinavian design? Then you’ll adore our comprehensive guide to creating DIY built-in bookshelves inspired by IKEA. This guide specifically crafted to get your creativity flowing. Let’s delve into the details to transform your room into a tidy, connected space.

Why IKEA Inspired DIY Built-In Bookshelves?

One might wonder: Why should I consider an IKEA hack for built-in bookshelves? For starters, they provide a chic aesthetic, vast storage capacity, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with a successful DIY project. Additionally, IKEA furniture is renowned for its quality and affordability, making it a perfect starting point for DIY novices and seasoned builders alike.

The Planning Stage

First things first, measure the designated wall space for your built-in bookshelves. Sketch your design on paper, giving careful thought to the number of shelves and their sizes.

Choosing Your IKEA Base

IKEA offers a bevy of choices suited for DIY built-in bookshelves. The Billy bookcase line offers diverse options regarding size, color, and style. One could also consider the Kallax series for its versatile, cube-shaped shelves perfect for a modern interior.

Assembling the IKEA Bookcases

Assemble your chosen IKEA furniture following the manual instructions. Make sure every part is well-fixed and stable. Checker for any defects or missing parts.

Adapting the IKEA Bookcases

In most cases, the bookcases will require modifications to fit perfectly into your intended space. This step might involve cutting, adding trim, or painting the exterior.

Securing the Bookcases

Once you’re satisfied with how the bookcases fit, secure them to the wall using the hardware provided by IKEA. For additional stability, consider anchoring the bookcases to one another.

Finishing Touches

Before basking in the glory of your new IKEA built-in bookshelves, consider adding a few finishing touches such as crown molding or adjustable shelving.


Building DIY IKEA built-in bookshelves doesn’t need to be overwhelming. With careful planning and a bit of elbow grease, you can create a show-stopping focal point in your home while adding functional storage space.

All in all, an IKEA hack for built-in bookshelves is a worthwhile project offering a cost-effective solution to custom built-ins. So, don your DIY hat and start creating your dream bookshelves.

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