Unleash Your Creativity: The Ultimate Guide to DIY Himmeli


Himmeli, a traditional Finnish craft, is popular worldwide for its simplicity, elegance and versatility. There’s not only a captivating charm to each himmeli structure, but also a sense of accomplishment tied to creating one’s unique masterpiece.

Understanding the Art of DIY Himmeli

Himmeli is a traditional Finnish craft involving the construction of geometric shapes from natural materials, most commonly, straw, and string. Now, DIY enthusiasts worldwide are incorporating modern touches using brass tubes, wooden dowels, bamboo straws, or even drinking straws and twine.

The Origins of Himmeli

Himmeli craft originated from Finland and was renowned for its symbolic significance. The term ‘himmeli’ comes from the Swedish word ‘himmel,’ meaning sky or heaven. Historically, they were made during the winter solstice to celebrate and welcome the upcoming fruitful season, acting as a token of good luck for the harvest. They represent intricate connections between nature, society, and culture.

Unleashing Creativity through DIY Himmeli

If you’re looking to create your DIY himmeli, the options are endless. Himmeli designs can vary greatly, from small mobiles and ornaments to large chandeliers and other home accessories.

Materials Needed for DIY Himmeli

Before diving into the process of creating your DIY himmeli, you must prepare the essential materials:

  • Straws or Tubes: You can use anything from brass tubes, plastic or paper drinking straws, reeds, or bamboo.
  • Thread or Wire: The thread choice would depend on the material used for the straws.
  • Needle: A large-eye needle would be suitable for threading.
  • A pair of scissors

Creating the Basic Himmeli Structure

One of the simplest and most common DIY himmeli shapes is a tetrahedron or three-sided pyramid. Fabrication of this basic structure paves the foundation for more complex himmeli formations.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Tetrahedron

  1. Preparing Your Straws: Cut your straws into the desired length. If you’re using wire or metal tubing, ensure you file the ends to remove sharp edges.

  2. Thread Through the Straws: Thread four straws onto your string or wire. Leave a tail at one end of the string.

  3. Tie a Knot: Pull the ends of the string together to form a square shape. Secure with a tight knot.

  4. Form the Tetrahedron: Now thread another road, and draw it up to the knot. Loop the string back through the first straw to make a triangle.

  5. Finalize: Repeat the process for the remaining straws to create your tetrahedron.

  6. Hand It: Once all knots are secured, you can cut the excess string and add another string to hang your himmeli.

Mastering Advanced DIY Himmeli Designs

Once you get the hang of creating basic shapes, you can experiment with more complicated designs. The Octahedron Himmeli and the Dodecahedron Himmeli are two advanced formations.

Decorating Your Space With DIY Himmeli

Himmeli can be adapted in various ways to incorporate a touch of elegance into your living spaces. Here are a few ideas:

  • Himmeli Plant Holder
  • Himmeli Wall Art
  • Himmeli Mobiles for nurseries
  • Himmeli Centerpiece for tables
  • Himmeli Wreath


Embracing the DIY Himmeli culture can lead to countless creative possibilities while preserving a cherished tradition. Whether you hang your DIY Himmeli as a mobile, use them as tabletop décor, or gift them to friends and family, they are sure to add an artistic flair to any space.

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