10 Steps to an Efficient Workspace: The IKEA Printer Stand Hack

Embarking on the IKEA Printer Stand Hack Journey

Embrace the fascinating realm of IKEA hacks, where mundane items are transformed into extraordinary solutions. Our focus today is a practical and inventive solution for your office requirements – the IKEA printer stand hack. This Do-It-Yourself project not only optimizes space utilization but also enhances your workspace with a dash of sophistication.

Recognizing the Importance of an IKEA Printer Stand Hack

In the contemporary digital era, printers continue to be indispensable office apparatus. Nonetheless, their bulky nature can detract from the aesthetic value of your workspace. Hence, the necessity for a printer stand – a specialized area that houses your printer while preserving aesthetics. The IKEA printer stand hack is an exemplary solution that amalgamates utility and style.

Selecting the Appropriate IKEA Item for Your Printer Stand

IKEA boasts a vast array of products that can be repurposed into a printer stand. The challenge lies in selecting one that resonates with your space, financial constraints, and design inclinations.

IKEA LACK Table: The Perfect Choice

The IKEA LACK table is a standout choice for this hack. It is robust, economical, and available in diverse colors. Its minimalist design easily integrates with any office interior.

The Metamorphosis: From LACK Table to Printer Stand

This segment guides you through the journey of converting an IKEA LACK table into a practical and stylish printer stand.

Essential Materials

For this venture, you will require:

  • An IKEA LACK table
  • A drill
  • Screws
  • Two planks of wood

Detailed Instruction

  1. LACK Table Assembly: Commence by assembling your IKEA LACK table as per the guidelines provided by IKEA.

  2. Determine and Mark: Subsequently, decide and mark the height at which you desire your shelves. Indicate these points on the legs of your table.

  3. Fix the Wooden Planks: Drill holes into your marked points and secure your wooden planks using screws. These will serve as your shelves.

  4. Final Touches: Finally, position your printer on the top surface of the table and utilize the newly created shelves for extra storage.

The Outcome: A Practical and Aesthetic Printer Stand

By adhering to these guidelines, you can metamorphose a basic IKEA LACK table into a practical and aesthetic printer stand. This stand will house your printer and offer extra storage for your office necessities.

Preserving Your Newly Created Printer Stand

Preserving your new printer stand is as straightforward as its creation process. Regular dusting and avoiding water spills will ensure its longevity.


To conclude, the IKEA printer stand hack is an inventive approach to integrate utility and style into your workspace. It’s uncomplicated, economical, and can be tailored to cater to your specific requirements. Don’t delay! Revamp your workspace today with this remarkable IKEA hack. Also, check out our guide on reinventing furniture a detailed guide on the upscale ikea gladom hack.

IKEA printer stand hack

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