7 Steps to Create a Perfect Small Macrame Wall Hanging


The art of macrame has gracefully woven its path through the fabric of history, surfacing as a cherished craft that merges simplicity and sophistication into home decor. A quintessential piece in contemporary interior design is the small macrame wall hanging, a handmade item that adds a touch of bohemian chic and cozy appeal to any living area.

Macrame’s Return to Modern Home Decor

Once a standout feature of 70s interior aesthetics, macrame has returned in full force, securing its place in today’s homes. The craft’s adaptability and tactile appeal have encouraged DIY aficionados and seasoned designers to experiment with knots and designs, producing distinctive pieces that echo individual style and creativity.

Selecting Your Macrame Materials

Starting your macrame adventure involves choosing the right materials. The basis of any macrame project is the cord or rope you select. For beginners, we recommend a 4mm cotton cord for its easy handling and the beautiful texture it adds to the final piece. Natural cotton remains a favorite among macrame artists for its softness and eco-friendly properties.

Designing Your Small Macrame Wall Hanging

In creating a small macrame wall hanging, aim for a design that embodies elegance and simplicity. A combination of square knots, spiral knots, and lark’s head knots can produce stunning patterns that won’t overwhelm beginners. Drafting your design beforehand can act as a useful guide throughout the crafting journey.

small macrame wall hanging

Establishing the Base of Your Macrame Artwork

Every impressive macrame wall hanging begins with a solid base. A wooden dowel, copper pipe, or even a simple tree branch can serve as your foundation. Securely fastening the cords using a lark’s head knot prepares the groundwork for the intricate patterns to come.

Achieving Mastery in Basic Knots

The square knot forms the bedrock of many macrame projects. By alternating this simple knot’s direction, one can form a sennit pattern that’s beginner-friendly yet sophisticated enough to draw attention. Adding diagonal clove hitch knots introduces variety and complexity to your piece, permitting more elaborate designs.

Add Personal Touch with Beads and Embellishments

Personalization plays a vital role in macrame artwork. Adding wooden or ceramic beads, feathers, or crystals can bring depth and intrigue to your wall hanging. The placement of these embellishments should be purposeful, enhancing the overall design rather than overpowering it.

Crafting the Ideal Fringe

The fringe or tassel at your macrame wall hanging’s bottom serves as the finishing touch. Brushing and trimming the cords to achieve a feathered or straight-edge appearance will enhance the hanging’s visual appeal. This detail, while often underestimated, can significantly shape the personality of your artwork.

Mounting and Showcasing Your Macrame Artwork

Upon completion, your small macrame wall hanging deserves a prominent display as a centerpiece or an accent piece within your decor. Hanging it on a wall with sufficient space allows it to stand out and become a point of interest for guests who value the charm of handmade art. For more inspiration, check out these key insights into alluring macrame owl wall hanging.


A small macrame wall hanging transcends mere decor; it is a testament to patience and love, a celebration of age-old crafts in today’s world. With every knot you tie, you weave a part of your narrative into a timeless art form that has been treasured for centuries and will be admired for generations to come.

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